New camera again

Since I still had plenty of stimulus leftover plus the regular summer refund after July 4th, I decided to treat myself to a brand new mirrorless camera. I went through specs, reviews, watched stuff on YouTube etc to make up for the lack of in-store trial. I kept coming back to the Nikon Z 5, only it was just slightly over budget until it recently went on sale. I took that as my sign, splurged & I’ve been playing with it since it came at the start of this week.

Obviously I’m keeping the Coolpix P950 that I bought last year, just thought I should get a back up. I took the photo of the Z 5 body & lens on the P950 with my DIY studio box, the other photos are from the Z 5. And for a girl who never touched an SLR camera, I’m catching on pretty quickly with the kit lens that has 24-50mm. Obviously not as much zoom as the P950, but I went for the full frame sensor quality. I never dreamed I’d be able to buy 2 brand new cameras in 1 year on top of the other things I’ve upgraded!